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What’s been keeping me occupied…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!  I’ve been working hard on a brand new project…

Kate the Cook

A new recipe blog!  From now on I’ll keep this as my personal blog, sharing links, ideas, my happiness project, and maybe a recipe here and there.  The bulk of kitchen-talk will be going on at Kate the Cook, though.  While I love the simplicity I’ve always had keeping up one blog, I feel embarrassed of owning up to this blog to family members.  It’s one thing to have a happiness project anonymously … it’s another to tell everyone you know your most personal self-improvement strategies.  Moving recipes over to Kate the Cook lets me keep a blog for personal motivation and be able to have a public face on the internet that I’m proud of.

I’m curious to know how others do this… do you tell your extended family and friends that you blog?



I know I blogged a few days ago about my new favorite website.  But now, really, here is my actual new favorite website:

Goodreads is an unbelievable tool.  Every time I log in, I find something else on it that I just adore.  Some of my favorite features:

Links to my local library
When I find a book I’d like to check out, there’s a button that I can hit that automatically finds that book at my city’s public library.  I hit reserve, and *BAM* next time I go to the library, it’s waiting on my hold shelf.  This is without me going through the motions of pulling up a new browser window, finding the library webpage, typing in the title of the book, choosing the one I actually am looking for, etc. etc.  I did have to set it up initially, but it took me all of five minutes and I was rolling.

Easy blog entries
Once I’ve written a blog review and have hit “save,” a window pops up with some html code for me to copy and paste into my blog.  The cover art, links to the title and author, my rating, my comments, and a link to my goodreads bookshelf are already there.  It saves quite a bit of time from how I used to post book reviews in the  “olden days” (one month ago).

Easy, searchable storage for my book lists
Entering books into my “to-read,” “read,” or “currently reading” lists was set up from the beginning – simple as a click of a button (well, two clicks of a mouse).  I also set up a few more “shelves” to categorize my books into.

A bookshop window display
One of my favorite features of book lists is the ability to browse by cover.  It’s as though all of the books I’m dying to read are all being displayed in the front window of the bookstore.

**A note… goodreads is not giving me any compensation for this review.  I just love it that much!