A Day Off

I was doing great at blogging once again… and then my maternity leave came to an end.  *Sigh.*  Something’s gotta give, right?  It’s certainly not going to be my family, and it won’t be my teaching, and (unfortunately) it can’t be cleaning… so blogging it is.  It’s dissapointing – surfing around on other people’s blogs and on Pinterest is a rejuvinating activity for me, and I love keeping this blog as a type of time capsule and organization tool.  I’ll have to leave it for weekends and holidays, though – and unexpected days off of work, like today.  Unfortunately, my unexpected day off is due to a lice outbreak at school.  Yikes… a quarter of my class was sent home on Tuesday.  Because I saw lice.  Crawling.  In their hair.  I’ll take what I can get, though – a day off is a day off.  After being checked for lice myself (none to report, thank goodness) and washing every cloth item in my classroom, I’m prepared to spend the rest of my day off wearing the Bean in the Moby, sipping on coffee, and bumming around on the internet.  It’s not something I would have let myself do when I was on maternity leave full time, but hey – I’m a working mom now, and I feel entitled to a “me-day.”


One response to “A Day Off

  1. I just happened to stumble across your blog while looking up things about pregnancy and had to say you sound so much like me! Also I’m pregnant with my first and am due November 11 so it was fun to read your pregnancy timeline since its almost exactly the same as mine. Anyway, no real point in this comment except a friendly acknowledgement of a distant connection I felt =) have a great day!

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