Day 3 – Out Comes the Camera

I’m on Day 3 of 31 days to a better photo, and hooray – the camera came out today!  I fiddled around with shutter speed today – something I’d never even considered before I started this journey.  On My 3 Boybarians, Darcy has a fantastic analogy about finding the perfect shutter speed for a photo:

Imagine you’re at the sink with a small cup. You want to fill the cup with water.  So you reach for the faucet. If you leave the water on too long, the cup will overflow and spill.  If you don’t leave it on long enough, your cup will not fill.  You need to leave the faucet running for just the right amount of time to fill the cup, but not go over.  Using that analogy – you need to leave your shutter open for just the right amount of time to let in light to fill your photo and record your image, but not spill over and overexpose it.

Take a peek at my practice shots!  I had a sleepy subject – Bean was out like a light.  My favorite turned out to be shutter speed 1/1.3.  Any slower and her hand was blurred, but faster was too dark.


Day 3: Shooting Fast vs. Shooting Slow

I kept my aperture at 3.5 for all of these photos, but changed the shutter speed.  I took these photos in my bedroom with the blinds open but not pulled up.  It was cloudy outside and I didn’t turn on any lights or the flash, so it was pretty dim in the room.  My findings?  If the shutter speed was too fast, the photo came out completely black.  Slow shutter speeds let it much more light, but it was impossible to keep my hand from moving for multiple seconds when I took the photo.  Moving even a fraction of an inch made the picture blurry.   Also, this was with a still subject – if Bean had been awake it would have been even worse.  I think if I was using a tripod I would have had better results.


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