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How to Flip a Transverse Baby!

I’m at 36 weeks, and I just found out that the baby is transverse.  Well, I first officially found out – I could have told you that a while ago.  We had an ultrasound that confirmed that 1) we have the cutest baby ever, and 2) her head is jammed into my right rib.  Let’s get that baby flipping!  Four weeks to go!

Here are some techniques I’ll be trying.  Some I’m sure are just hype, but I figure they’re worth a shot.  Why not, right?  I’ve checked out many a website, but the most helpful have been Birthing Naturally and Spinning Babies.  All pictures below are credited to Spinning Babies.

  1. Pelvic tilts
  2. Hands and knees/laying over a birthing ball
  3. Side-lying release
  4. Sitting on a birthing ball
  5. Inversion
  6. Knee-chest position or an exaggerated version
  7. Sway hips (figure eights)
  8. Lunges
  9. Hold ice near the baby’s head
  10. Shine a flashlight near the pelvis
  11. Play music or have someone talk near the pelvis
And, from the message boards (so absolutely old wives tales, I’m sure, so take them with an extra grain of salt).
  1. Place pillows  under bottom when laying down
  2. Rock back and forth on knees
  3. Tailor sitting (pretzel legs leaning forward)

Hopefully one of these (or some sort of combo) will work.  I don’t even think that all of them are technically “cures” for a transverse baby, but like I said – I’ll try anything rather than get a C section!  And who knows – maybe all it’ll take is a little time.  That’s my doctor’s theory, anyway.  (And if it doesn’t take only time, he said he can flip the baby manually.  I’m sure there’s a fancier name… but that’s the gist!)