The Happiest Baby on the Block

I recently watched The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD that I checked out from our local library.  We’re at the halfway point – 4.5 months to go! – and I’m researching as much as I can about infants.  I know little (okay, next to nothing) about tiny babies, so any help I can get is necessary.  Here’s what I learned from the Dr. Harvey Karp’s video.

The fourth trimester

  • Babies are upset because they’re missing the sensations of the womb
    • Sound – whooshing louder than vaccum cleaner
    • Feeling – tight and cozy

The calming reflex – The five S’s

1.  Swaddling

    • Keeps baby’s arms from accidentally bumping self
    •  Swaddling PLUS another s will calm down (usually not just swaddling on own
    • Use a square blanket to wrap all the way around and tuck in front – Down up down up
2.  Side or stomach
  • Hold baby on side or stomach

3.     Shushing

  • White noise
  • Say “shhhh” loudly in baby’s ear – as loudly as the baby is crying
  • You can also use a white noise machine, hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, or white noise cd

4.     Swinging

  • Jiggling
  • Head needs to be free to move around – don’t hold stiff
  • Shake very gently and in tiny movements (two back and forth movements per second)
  • Milkshake position

  • Feet on ground shoulder width, baby laying in side on your knees, cradle head loosely in hands, wiggle knees
  • Calm baby then put in swing to keep calm:  Swaddle baby – strap baby in swing – shake swing for 10 seconds until baby is calmed, then swing

5.     Sucking

  • Baby can suck on your finger or pacifier
  • To help baby get the hang of a pacifier, play with pacifier in her mouth (almost nudge it out)
  • No pacifier if breastfeeding until well developed\

Helping Your Baby Sleep

  • Don’t just set baby down after doing the S’s – continue swing, swaddle, white noise CD


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