Updated Pregnancy Timeline and Milestones

Here’s an updated version of my pregnancy milestones and timeline, since I haven’t updated in about a month.  Not too much has changed – which is a good thing!  People keep asking me how I’m feeling, am I having a difficult time, and the like.  I always tell them so far so good… though I hear it gets a bit harder at the end!!

1/27/11 – first day of last period

2/12/11 – possible conception date

2/27/11 – started to get a bit suspicious that I was pregnant

3/6/11 – positive pregnancy test!!

3/17/11 – very slight spotting; went in for bloodwork

3/18/11 – bloodwork came back normal – about 66,000 HCG at 6.5 weeks

3/21/11 – ultrasound – saw heartbeat (145 bpm) and our grain-of-rice baby!  also saw a second sac (irregularly shaped and completely empty)

3/25/11 – told my parents by putting a bun in the oven and asking my mom to check on something I had in the oven — I’ve never heard her scream so loud!

3/27/11 – told Paul’s parents by sending an e-mail with the ultrasound picture and calling to ask them for input on some “doctor’s results”

4/14/11 – doctor’s appointment – heard heartbeat

4/15/11 – told everyone at work the good news

mid- to late April – the tiniest baby bump has appeared (though I can’t rule out bloating…)

4/30/11 – made it through the first trimester!

5/12/11 – next doctor’s appointment


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