First Trimester Notes

Now that I’m officially in my second trimester, I feel a bit more confident about this whole thing being “real.”  I do waver – whenever I see a blog post about a miscarriage, or hear a friend’s story about a pregnancy that ended too soon, I begin to worry.  My next appointment is on Thursday, and I must say I’ll heave a big sigh of relief after the doctor can find that heartbeat again.

First Trimester Notes

  • I’ve craved very few things (aside from my typical attitude of “I want a cookie”).  The one thing I have wanted pretty much constantly is cheese – any form, any where, any time – particularly sliced and with crackers.  The only other thing I’ve wanted so badly is a ham and cheese sub from Cousin’s Subs… unfortunately it’s on the list of foods not to eat – darn listeriosis.  That will be my first post-delivery request.
  • For a good month, I went to bed before 9 pm (sometimes before 8) and woke up after 6 am every day.  That means I was getting 9-10 hours (sometimes more) per night.  And I was still tired.
  • I had a completely different personality for a while.  I felt depressed for about three days – I’m glad that was a passing phase.  At other times I’d burst out crying for the tiniest reasons.
  • Starting at around month two, I began to get a lot of headaches – something new for me.  They’re still continuing.
  • Around the two month  mark, I also started getting heartburn any time I sat down to watch television in the evening.  I haven’t had it in a while… but I also haven’t stopped to watched evening tv in a while.
  • I’ve been keeping track of my “to-do’s” on  I used for wedding planning.  I must say, so far planning for a baby is a lot easier than planning for a wedding.  Though it evens out, I suppose, as (as far as I can tell) delivering the baby will be a bit more difficult than our wedding day.

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