My 50 Reasons (the second installment)

My 50 Reasons to Get Healthy through Eating and Exercise

(segment two of five)

  1. Women who exercise have shorter labors.  Enough said!
  2. Outside exercise, such as walking, is a good dose of fresh air.  It’ll lift the spirits!
  3. There are plenty of weight-related health problems and pregnancy complications to be scared of, including gestational diabetes.
  4. Walking downtown instead of driving means I don’t have to parallel park, or pay for metered parking!
  5. Exercising women aren’t as likely to need medical interventions during labor (c-sections, etc.).
  6. When I’m done exercising, I always like what I see in the mirror better than I did two hours earlier.  This has nothing to do with any actual change in my body – I know it’s all it my head – but I’ll take it!
  7. Recovering up to twice as quickly after childbirth is enough of a reason for me.
  8. Extra pounds  can be uncomfortable.  I’ll be gaining enough “healthy” pounds from the pregnancy alone – no need to tack on too many extras!
  9. When I talk to friends and co-workers who are super-fit marathoners, I don’t have to feel like a total schlub if I’m at least on some sort of an exercise program.
  10. Considering a chore “exercise” makes me more apt to do it.  Gardening, cleaning (with a little spring in my step, of course), and laundry all fall under this category.

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