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Updated Pregnancy Timeline and Milestones

Here’s an updated version of my pregnancy milestones and timeline, since I haven’t updated in about a month.  Not too much has changed – which is a good thing!  People keep asking me how I’m feeling, am I having a difficult time, and the like.  I always tell them so far so good… though I hear it gets a bit harder at the end!!

1/27/11 – first day of last period

2/12/11 – possible conception date

2/27/11 – started to get a bit suspicious that I was pregnant

3/6/11 – positive pregnancy test!!

3/17/11 – very slight spotting; went in for bloodwork

3/18/11 – bloodwork came back normal – about 66,000 HCG at 6.5 weeks

3/21/11 – ultrasound – saw heartbeat (145 bpm) and our grain-of-rice baby!  also saw a second sac (irregularly shaped and completely empty)

3/25/11 – told my parents by putting a bun in the oven and asking my mom to check on something I had in the oven — I’ve never heard her scream so loud!

3/27/11 – told Paul’s parents by sending an e-mail with the ultrasound picture and calling to ask them for input on some “doctor’s results”

4/14/11 – doctor’s appointment – heard heartbeat

4/15/11 – told everyone at work the good news

mid- to late April – the tiniest baby bump has appeared (though I can’t rule out bloating…)

4/30/11 – made it through the first trimester!

5/12/11 – next doctor’s appointment


First Trimester Notes

Now that I’m officially in my second trimester, I feel a bit more confident about this whole thing being “real.”  I do waver – whenever I see a blog post about a miscarriage, or hear a friend’s story about a pregnancy that ended too soon, I begin to worry.  My next appointment is on Thursday, and I must say I’ll heave a big sigh of relief after the doctor can find that heartbeat again.

First Trimester Notes

  • I’ve craved very few things (aside from my typical attitude of “I want a cookie”).  The one thing I have wanted pretty much constantly is cheese – any form, any where, any time – particularly sliced and with crackers.  The only other thing I’ve wanted so badly is a ham and cheese sub from Cousin’s Subs… unfortunately it’s on the list of foods not to eat – darn listeriosis.  That will be my first post-delivery request.
  • For a good month, I went to bed before 9 pm (sometimes before 8) and woke up after 6 am every day.  That means I was getting 9-10 hours (sometimes more) per night.  And I was still tired.
  • I had a completely different personality for a while.  I felt depressed for about three days – I’m glad that was a passing phase.  At other times I’d burst out crying for the tiniest reasons.
  • Starting at around month two, I began to get a lot of headaches – something new for me.  They’re still continuing.
  • Around the two month  mark, I also started getting heartburn any time I sat down to watch television in the evening.  I haven’t had it in a while… but I also haven’t stopped to watched evening tv in a while.
  • I’ve been keeping track of my “to-do’s” on  I used for wedding planning.  I must say, so far planning for a baby is a lot easier than planning for a wedding.  Though it evens out, I suppose, as (as far as I can tell) delivering the baby will be a bit more difficult than our wedding day.

My 50 Reasons (the second installment)

My 50 Reasons to Get Healthy through Eating and Exercise

(segment two of five)

  1. Women who exercise have shorter labors.  Enough said!
  2. Outside exercise, such as walking, is a good dose of fresh air.  It’ll lift the spirits!
  3. There are plenty of weight-related health problems and pregnancy complications to be scared of, including gestational diabetes.
  4. Walking downtown instead of driving means I don’t have to parallel park, or pay for metered parking!
  5. Exercising women aren’t as likely to need medical interventions during labor (c-sections, etc.).
  6. When I’m done exercising, I always like what I see in the mirror better than I did two hours earlier.  This has nothing to do with any actual change in my body – I know it’s all it my head – but I’ll take it!
  7. Recovering up to twice as quickly after childbirth is enough of a reason for me.
  8. Extra pounds  can be uncomfortable.  I’ll be gaining enough “healthy” pounds from the pregnancy alone – no need to tack on too many extras!
  9. When I talk to friends and co-workers who are super-fit marathoners, I don’t have to feel like a total schlub if I’m at least on some sort of an exercise program.
  10. Considering a chore “exercise” makes me more apt to do it.  Gardening, cleaning (with a little spring in my step, of course), and laundry all fall under this category.