My 50 Reasons (or the beginning of it, anyway…)

My 50 Reasons to Get Healthy through Eating and Exercise

(segment one of five)

  1. I’ve heard that unborn babies can taste whatever their mothers eat, and develop their tastes accordingly.  I’d rather have my child develop a taste for broccoli than chocolate chip cookies.
  2. Pounds creep on pretty easily.  Unfortunately, they don’t tend to slip off quite as quickly.  I’d rather have less to lose in the first place.
  3. I’d like to have a high energy level that doesn’t crash.
  4. I’d like to have a mood that doesn’t swing (any  more than my hormones are already making it, anyway!).
  5. Exercise promotes better sleep – and I think I’ll need to be as well rested for our latest adventure as possible.
  6. Paul loves to go on walks – much, much more than I do.  If I can learn to love walking as much as he does, we’d have nearly unlimited quality time together.
  7. Back pain appears to be a plague later on in pregnancy.  Strengthening those muscles now can only help in the future!
  8. If I run errands without the car (instead using a bike or walking), I can save some cash on gas.
  9. I can get some “reading” in.  Walking or exercising on a machine is a great time to listen to a Playaway (similar to a book on tape).
  10. Two words: love handles.



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