Out of the Middle Ground

I’ve been tracking my fertility cycle for seven months, since I went off of birth control.  For the first two months of that, we were actively trying not to get pregnant.  Since then, we haven’t necessarily been trying… but then again, we haven’t been not trying either.  Okay… so perhaps I’ve been a bit more “eager” around the time I’ve been fertile.  For five months, we’ve been in some sort of a middle ground.

All that changed this morning.  We’re out of the middle ground!

I’ve been tracking my morning temperature, and it was high for either 19 or 23 days in a row (I’m still not fantastic at telling the exact day I’ve ovulated).  The book I’d been using, Taking Charge of Your Fertility, said that anything over 18 days means you’re almost certainly pregnant.  I whipped out the trusty EPT, and within 10 seconds could see a plus sign appearing on the stick.

My initial plan was to find some cute and creative way to tell Paul the good news, like saying I had a bun in the oven .  I climbed back into bed to think, and within thirty second blurted out the good news.  So much for a surprise!

Since that time, I’ve been scouring the house, looking for areas that need babyproofing and eradicating all dust bunnies from the house.  I realize that dusting now will in no way do any good for my pregnancy or baby, but it seems like something I need to do.

We’re keeping everything very close to home for now, because you never know what can happen.  Who knows when we’ll start telling people – the three month mark seems logical.  I’ll keep these posts marked as “private” at first, though I want nothing more than to shout to the world this news.  I feel that it wouldn’t be fair to let strangers know before our own parents.  So, as hard as it is, mum’s the word for at least a few more weeks!


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