What’s been keeping me occupied…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately!  I’ve been working hard on a brand new project…

Kate the Cook

A new recipe blog!  From now on I’ll keep this as my personal blog, sharing links, ideas, my happiness project, and maybe a recipe here and there.  The bulk of kitchen-talk will be going on at Kate the Cook, though.  While I love the simplicity I’ve always had keeping up one blog, I feel embarrassed of owning up to this blog to family members.  It’s one thing to have a happiness project anonymously … it’s another to tell everyone you know your most personal self-improvement strategies.  Moving recipes over to Kate the Cook lets me keep a blog for personal motivation and be able to have a public face on the internet that I’m proud of.

I’m curious to know how others do this… do you tell your extended family and friends that you blog?


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