Trail Mix

My go-to lunchtime filler is trail mix.  It’s easy, it’s filling, and it’s tasty.  There’s no official recipe, but my typical ratio is three parts nuts, two parts dried fruit, and one part treat.  The easiest way to toss it together is to layer the ingredients to fill about 3/4 of an empty peanut jar or other container and give a few shakes.  The picture below is way too full to be combined – I ended up splitting this equally into two containers.  (I also added a few chocolate chips, but we don’t have to tell anyone else that…)

Trail Mix Ingredients

macadamia nuts
sunflower seeds (not technically a nut, I know…)

dried fruit
dried cranberries
raisins (regular or golden)
dried cherries
dried apricots

yogurt-covered dried fruit
chocolate covered raisins or peanuts
chocolate chips
white chocolate chips

Teddy Grahams
Craklin’ Oat Bran cereal pieces
Goldfish Grahams



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