Another Reading Challenge (and it’s a good one)

May I recommend yet another reading challenge?

The It’s Not What You Read But Where You Read It Challenge 2011 – read for an hour in each of seven categories (twist your house, place of commerce, move, nature, you don’t call home, probably shouldn’t, and in pairs)

According to the challenge’s creator over at I Heart Monster, the categories are defined as follows.  (My notes are in italics.)
Twist Your House
Read somewhere inside your house that you have never sat (or stood I suppose) and read before.  It could be the bathroom (but I won’t ’cause I think, ew gross), the bathtub, the corner, the closet, the guest bedroom, the dining room table – it just can’t be somewhere that you’ve read before.  Think outside the box.   Basement?  Yuck.  The closet?  Cramped.  This will take some creative thinking.  As I occasionally carry my book around the house with me, reading as I walk, there aren’t many places I haven’t read.

Place of Commerce
Read somewhere that things are sold.  Coffee shop? Sure.  While you’re waiting for your wife to try on clothes?  Absolutely.  At the fountain at the mall while you’re scoping out guys?  Uh, that’s a stretch but give it a try.  This is a good excuse to get a few refills on a cup of coffee at Copper Rock!

Read on the bus, on a train, on the light rail, on a plane, in a car, while you’re walking, while you’re on the treadmill at the gym.  It doesn’t have to be somewhere you haven’t read before, just somewhere where you are moving through space.  I think I’ll be bringing my book to the YMCA next time I go… but then again, that isn’t exactly unusual!

This one could be hard for city folk, but there is a park somewhere, right?  The requirement is that you are sitting/standing on something that isn’t manmade.  Man could have planted it, but not created it.  Granite countertop?  Um no.  Granite boulder?  Um yeah.  This one may need to wait a few months until the state isn’t covered with two feet of snow.  At that point, though, I have plenty of options!

You Don’t Call Home
Out of state?  Sure.  At your neighbor’s house?  Sure.  Hotel?  Yup.  But it can’t do double duty for any of the other categories.  An excuse to take a vacation, perhaps?  That might be stretching it… but just maybe…

Probably Shouldn’t
Think work, church, grocery shopping.  DO NOT READ WHILE DRIVING OR RIDING YOUR BIKE OR ROLLERBLADING/SKATING.  BE SAFE.  Be creative.  Hmm… another thinker.  How about tonight, when I really should be going to my grandparents’ 62nd wedding anniversary dinner?  No?  You mean I should actually go to that?

In Pairs
I don’t care where you are as long as someone else in the room is reading their own book too.  Before bed with the hubbie?  Sure.  In a hotel lobby?  Absolutely.  In a bookstore?  Dude, you get the picture.  I’ll have this one covered by tomorrow night.  It’s what we do on a daily basis!

How creative!  Any excuse to read is a good one.  I think that of all the reading challenges I’ve signed up for, this is the one I’m most excited for!


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