Reading Resolutions

One of my new favorite sites to visit is Stop, Drop, and Blog.  One of the most recent posts on the blog – Reading Goals, 2011 – inspired me to set some reading goals of my own.

  1. Keep a list of books I’m interested in reading.  That way, I won’t get to the library, wander around, and grab a book that I have no real desire to read.
  2. Participate in some reading challenges.  I didn’t even know these existed until I came across Stop Drop and Blog.  I’ll have to take a look around to find out some that fit my preferences.  Any suggestions?
  3. Keep a account.  I’ve added three books so far.  At first I went wild and started rating every suggestion they threw at me, until I realized that I couldn’t accurately rate books that I read 10 years ago, so I only rated books that I finished during the past two weeks.  I’ll keep it updated and use it as a tool to keep track of books that people have recommended to me.  Add me as a friend on goodreads so I can see your book recommendations!

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