A bit of good, a bit of bad

Our internet is out.  I’m typing this right now at our public library.  It’s fine… except I’d much rather be curled up with a mug of hot coffee on the couch and my laptop instead of in a little cube desk.  At least I’ve got a view of the winter wonderland outside… and I only need to crane my neck just a bit.

I’m a little irritated that we’ve been out of both internet and phone service since last Sunday.  We switched internet carriers, and in the process, both our phone and internet vanished.  Thanks a lot, AT&T.  And now that I’m finally with internet access at the library, I can’t log in due to a “system upgrade.”  All I have to say about that is that they had better give us one steep discount for this month’s bill.

That’s not to say being internet-less hasn’t had its perks, though.  I have found myself doing a chore or two instead of hopping on the computer.  I’ve spent more time reading that I have in previous weeks.  (I finished a book in thre days… during the workweek.)  And, easily the best byproduct of living internet free – I haven’t been snapping at Paul like I sometimes do.

Once we have internet back in our home, I won’t abandon it all together, though the benefits of living without have been nice.  I really have missed blogging.  One thing I will be more careful about, though, is getting wrapped up in my Google Reader.  Surfing through other people’s lives and tips is fun, but it shouldn’t consume so much of my attention that I become grumpy when distracted.  When I do decide to wander aimlessly about the internet, I’ll do it consciously and with a time limit.


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