Wordle is one of those activities that even though I know that I have more important things to do with my time, I just can’t rip myself away.  It gives an overview of frequently used words in any given text, or in this case, blog.  It took the most recent posts and mashed them into this beauty:

Love it!  A bit embarrassing that quite a few of the largest words show my unhealthy habits (butter, sugar, oil…), but fun nonetheless.  “I think it’d be neat to do a wordle of my blog every month or so and see how things change over time!

And just for fun, here’s a wordle of my kindergarten class blog:

As you can see, we had Stuffed Animal Day on Tuesday, our author of the month is Tomie dePaola (author of Strega Nona), and we just finished our patterns unit in math.

If you’d like to make your own wordle, it’s a piece of cake.  Just type in your text, web address, or del.icio.us name on the create a wordle page and one will be made for you.  You can then customize to your heart’s content.

Saving a wordle as a document is trickier.  I had to use some super-secret codes to these onto my blog.  Okay… well… not super secret, but the directions weren’t exactly out in the open, either.  Takeascreeshot.org has an easy to follow tutorial.  On my mac, I hit apple-shift-4 and then drew a rectangle around the image I wanted to capture.  It was automatically saved on my desktop as “Picture 1.”

I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do with all of the information (aside from using it the blog, of course).  Couldn’t you picture some sort of framed picture with family names, words about family, etc.?  Hm… maybe that’s a Christmas gift in the making!




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