The Official Advent Activity List

Our Advent calendar is complete.  It took me a couple of hours, but I think the effort was worth it.  I now have Advent Activities from November 28th (the First Sunday of Advent) to Christmas Day.  It’ll be hard to wait to open them all!

I’ll post about how I made the “calendar” (a series of little envelopes) tomorrow.  For now, enjoy our official list of activities!


28.  Decorate the house for Christmas
29.  Organize and choose Christmas recipe
30.  Buy misteltoe


  1. Burn off the “Thanksgiving Five” – go work out and create an exercise schedule
  2. Hang up Christmas lights
  3. Hang up stockings
  4. Plan a Christmas party
  5. Write Christmas cards
  6. Drink hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows
  7. Buy a Christmas wreath
  8. Make paper snowflakes
  9. Pick out a Christmas tree
  10. Make homemade caramel corn and watch a cheesy Christmas movie
  11. Go to Mass
  12. Bake Christmas cookies
  13. Drive around the city to see Christmas lights
  14. Watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”
  15. Make painted glass ornaments
  16. Go to the winters farmers market
  17. Make Christmas candy
  18. Have a game night
  19. Buy a Christmas CD
  20. Take a winter walk
  21. Have a formal dinner
  22. Have a game night
  23. Donate to Goodwill
  24. Open one Christmas present early
  25. Merry Christmas!  Kiss under the mistletoe.

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