The Sock Project

We have a plethora of mismatched socks.  Some of them have been in the singleton sock bag for … well … I’m not eve sure.  Years, perhaps?  Some of them are ALMOST the same aside from a slight variation in length or ribbing size, which leads me to believe that there are, in our sock drawers, some mismatched socks that are parading around as a couple.

For this reason, the sock project has been developed.

This is my plan, should my wise and kind husband agree.

  1. Wear socks.
  2. Launder socks.
  3. Put all individual socks in a bin, including those with mates.
  4. Continue steps 1-3 until ALL socks have been worn.
    1. If socks are ugly, uncomfortable, or holey enough to be thought unwearable, the may be delegated to the discard pile, where they’ll be cut up and used as rags or fashioned into sock puppets.
    2. If socks are unseasonable (i.e. hiking socks), unfold the pair and add to the bucket.
  5. Group all socks into pairs.
  6. Put lonely, leftover socks into the discard pile and cut them up immediately, lest they become the new group from which to frustratedly match single socks against.

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