The Grocery List Unveiled

And now, in all it’s glory, my completed grocery list!  Okay… so I don’t think it will ever be ACTUALLY completed – I’m sure I’ll keep updating it as the months go on.  But with the help of, I managed to create my official grocery list with prices.

According to their website, Grocery Hop is “free, online, printable grocery price list to track lowest unit prices and receive instant spending tips & analysis.”  It’s a pain in the buns to remember to enter my grocery lists – typically I shove them in a little drawer until it overflows, and then I enter them all at once.  Inconvenience aside, though, t’s really helpful to keep track of grocery prices – much better than my old system of keeping track.

I blogged about my grocery list a few weeks ago, and a half a year before that.  Sad that it’s taken so long to get to this point!  But it’s finally happened, so I suppose that’s what I should focus on.  I took my last regular grocery list and the recorded the lowest grocery price that I’ve bought each item for in the last few months.  I don’t track every single purchase – I’m not quite dedicated enough for that – but it’s a pretty good sampling.  I just finished it fifteen minutes ago, so I haven’t put it into action yet, but I predict it’ll come in handy!

Grocery List


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