I hate home improvement projects

We have an old house.  An old, small house.  An old, small, house that hasn’t been taken great care of, either by us or any of the previous owners.  I feel overwhelmed from the amount of things that need to be done.  The basement wall have giant cracks; a 12′ section of siding fell off of the outside; paint is chipping off the wall, and it’s most likely full of lead.  There are wonderful things about our home, but I think I’ve just about had it – particularly since I am most certainly NOT a handy person.  Paul doesn’t enjoy home improvement either.  It seems like we put more work into ignoring or talking about problems than we do fixing them, which is a problem in itself.

Today was my day to change that.  I was going to tackle the chipping paint – enough talking, time to start doing.  The situation looked similar to this:

It’s like the paint decided it could no longer cling to the wall, so it starts slowly pulling away, cracking and splitting and looking terrible in the process.  I got my scraper out and got rid of the hunks that easily came off.  Of course, that leaves jagged, defined edges that need to be taken care of.  In previous projects, we tried to sand those down, but it was an event, to say the least.  In addition, there’s some sort of stain that seeps through any layer of paint we had put on previous projects, so there was that to contend with.

I decided that spackle would do the trick.  In addition to smoothing the edges, it would put a layer between the wall and the primer that a stain couldn’t possible seep through.  The edges?  Great.  Until I ran out of spackle, of course.  At about halfway through the spackling part of the project, my small container ran out.  I tidied up so the cat wouldn’t eat lead paint specks, which took about 20 minutes.  By the time I was finished, the stain was seeping through the spackle.  *Sigh.*

It seems like NOTHING with this house is as easy as you think it’ll be.

I found a Sherwin Williams page that has more tips and tricks.  I’ll try a few, but hopefully I’ll just be able to find a primer that is designed to block stains.  I read that there are even “spot treatment” type primers that come in a spray can, so I won’t have to mess with rollers and the like.  I really, really just want to get this project finished.

I hate to be a complainer but I’m not cut out for this type of work.  I love our small, old house, but the work required to keep it nice isn’t something I’m interested in.  I’m ready to move!  But until we do, I’d better get to Home Depot and fix this mess I’ve started.


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