Interesting Search Terms

My blog isn’t very heavily traveled – I certainly don’t get hundreds (or even dozens, for that matter) of hits every day.  Typically when people stumble across my blog it’s on accident, I’m assuming.  Truly, I don’t know how people get here.  Thanks to WordPress, I do know what search terms they’ve used, though.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • rocky road tumble recipe
  • happy birthday cheapskate
  • the first grocery shop made
  • ketchup funnel
  • michy maus pancake
  • thingstomakewithwoodenspoons
  • spinach nugget recipe

Humorous that some of these searches have led to my blog.  I do find it interesting to see what people are searching for, though – it’s like I get to be a little spy on people’s web searches.  How fun!


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