Favorite Links : Cleaning Edition

Cleaning isn’t something I enjoy, for the most part.  I’d rather be curled up with a good book, or my laptop, or a bowl of ice cream.  Cleaning is typically something I only appreciate doing when someone on the phone has put me on hold or I’m trying to avoid something else that I dread doing more.

While I hate the act of cleaning, I love the feel of a clean house.  Below are links to some pages that have either time savers or organizational techniques that motivate me to clean (for one afternoon, anyway).

Create a Cleaning Calendar for Household Chores – Organizing Your Way
This worked really well for about a month at my house.  After that, I lost steam.

Quickie Cleanup – Young House Love
If you have an extra 45, 30, 15, or even seven minutes on your hands, Young House Love gives easy (and inexpensive) cleaning ideas.  I wouldn’t try to do this as a program on a regular basis, but it gives a little variety to my cleaning routine.

Intentional Cleaning by Steady Mom
I love this post.  One paragraph sums it up for me: “My current cleaning motto is “work smarter, not longer.” I aim to focus on what matters – cleaning for order, peace, and hygiene. Anything else is an unnecessary distraction.”  She made a list of what needs to be done to keep the bare minimum of peace, order, and hygiene.  Sounds like what I need to try next!


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