Favorite Posts : Kitchen Tips Edition

I have hundreds of starred posts in my Google reader.  I dutifully tag them, sorting them into easy to find categories.  Do I refer back to them, though?  At times, yes.  Other times… I think I tag and abandon.  It’s about time I start doing something about all of these posts that I was so eager to read the first time!

Below are some of my favorite kitchen tips that I’ve gathered through the past few months.

  • I was just saying how much easier many meals would be (chicken pot pie, empanadas, etc.) to make if I didn’t have to look up the recipe for pie dough each time.  In steps My Kitchen Addiction with this handy formula:

  • I was considering myself genius for coming up with a new plan: I wrote down our top ten meals, made a grocery list out of the ingredients, and am stocking my pantry when prices hit their lowest.  Then I realized I had just internalized the advice of Food Your Way, which had posted this exact plan in March.  Unfortunately, it took eight months for me to implement it, but at least it came through!
  • My Kitchen Cafe pointed out how using fresh ingredients (garlic, ginger, Parmesan cheese, lemons) and pure vanilla extract can make a huge difference in cooking.
  • Finding the fine line between cold butter and melted butter is a trick, but many recipes call for softened butter, so it’s a trick that’s important to know!  Domestic Cents posted a tutorial.  She cuts the butter into one tablespoon squares and microwaves them for 23 seconds. 


  • Our Best Bite‘s tip should be posted on my fridge, as I rarely  have fresh herbs — 1 part dry = 3 parts fresh.
  • I don’t think I can sum up her post in a few short sentences, but Giver’s Log has a fantastic post on how to melt and temper chocolate.
  • Did you know the reason you’re supposed to leave the door open while broiling food?  To be honest, I didn’t even know that you were supposed to leave the door ajar in the first place.  HomeEc101 is always answering these mysterious questions, and she doesn’t disappoint this time.

2 responses to “Favorite Posts : Kitchen Tips Edition

  1. Great tips!! I especially needed the dried herbs/fresh herbs one!

  2. Ah! I love kitchen tips. these are fantastic. I needed the butter one especially.
    And thanks for the link. I’m flattered to be in such good company.

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