Bringing Blogs to Work

At our staff meeting on Monday, our principal declared we’d all be writing webpages.  We have a volunteer web designer (thanks, Mr. A!), and she was expecting him to run, maintain, and update all 15 of our teacher pages, which she envisioned us updating weekly or more frequently.  I’m not sure exactly how much time that would entail, but my guess is more than a volunteer dad would be willing to commit.

Enter: the blog.

Edublogs, to be exact.  My plan, if our principal approves, is to show the other teachers how to create a blog.  Our staff is made of people at every stage of the technology spectrum, from tech-savvy (okay, maybe the low end of tech savvy) to “I don’t do e-mail.”  What’s the chance that all of them will be able to create and maintain a blog?

Fingers crossed, it’s pretty good.  Maybe it’s just because I have a decent amount of experience blogging now, but I think Edublogs is a piece of cake.  Edublogs and WordPress (the blogging platform that I use) are somehow related, and Edublogs seems to be a bit more simplified – which is what at least a handful of our staff members will need.  I’m hoping that my principal will even spring for an upgrade ($40 per year) to turn off ads and get a bit more control.

Gotta love blogging at work!


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