Ditch the Workout, Join the Party

I’ve started my weekly workout routine, and though I wouldn’t say I have a new-found love for exercise, I’m getting my workouts in.  My workout routine (if all goes as planned) is Zumba Mondays, Fitness Center Tuesdays, and 30-Minute Strength Wednesdays, plus weekend walks.  I probably should throw another day of sweat-inducing exercise in there, but I suppose I must start somewhere.

My favorite, favorite class is Zumba.  Why?  See the picture below.

Zumba is basically a dance party.  The instructor gives easy to follow moves that form a repeating pattern so you can quickly catch on, regardless of your dance ability.  (Side note: someone should remind the new Zumba instructor at my YMCA of this fact, as she is having trouble teaching in a pattern.  I’m going to the Y across town next week instead.)  Their catchphrase – ditch the workout, join the party – just about sums it up.

Two other Zumba experiences that I’m eager to try are Aqua Zumba and the Total Body Transformation System DVD Set.  I’m really excited for Aqua Zumba, though it’ll have to wait until a school holiday lines up with a Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday, as the classes are during the school day.  I have the DVD set on hold at the library, so as soon as it comes in I’ll be set.

I think the key for me is making my workout enjoyable, or I won’t do it.  I’ve now abandoned cycling class and any attempt at running, because they just don’t do it for me.  Zumba is a blast, and every time I’ve gone to the 30 Minute Strength class, it seems like it’s over before it started.  As an added bonus (and really the only reason I signed up), my husband is taking the strength class as well.


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