Seven Link Challenge

One of my favorite blogs is Penelope Loves Lists.  A few weeks ago, she completed a Seven Link Challenge to expose new readers to some of her previous posts.  Because my readers number in the tens on a good day, I can’t really justify this as new-reader-exposure.  Instead, I’ll admit, it’s purely for the fun of looking back on past links.  I’ve been blogging for less than a year, and it’s amazing how much I’ve recorded in that short amount of time.

My First Post: Ongoing Goals.  Catchy title, I know.  This was the start of my happiness project before I knew what a happiness project was.

A Post I Enjoyed Writing Most: It really had a good time with my About page.  I think this is because I posted it and then kept coming back to review and revise.  It’s always a work in progress, whereas my posts are published and that’s that.

A Post Which Had Great Discussion: My posts don’t typically generate a lot of conversation, but I found a comment in Know the Low to be extremely helpful.  It led me to the Grocery Hop website, which I use frequently (but have yet to blog about).

My Most Helpful Post: Homemade Pancake Mix Recipe and Famous Amos Cookie Recipe.  Nearly all hits I get from Google come from these two recipes.  I’d recommend trying both recipes!

A Post with a Title I Am Proud Of: An Unfortunate Case of Granola.  This proves that I stink at coming up with titles.

A Post I Wish More People Had Read: How about every post I’ve ever written?  I can’t complain, though – I have to comment on other people’s blogs if I’d like a little more traffic on my site.

A Post on Someone Else’s Blog I Wish I’d Written: Christmas in July – Family Cookbook on Beantown Baker, mainly because her cookbook is not only genius, but also the best Christmas gift idea ever.  I wish I’d thought of it… but I’ll have to just be satisfied with copying the idea and claiming it as my own.  (Just kidding… I always give credit where credit is due.)


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