Day Seven – Santorini, Greece

July 28, 2010

7 am – ship arrives, tenders, take smaller boats to Santorini (10 hours until departure – HOWEVER, tendering takes longer)

5 pm – ship departs

Santorini Notes:

  • Currency is Euro
  • Ship is tendered off of land and you take a small boat to land
  • Suggested not to get the last tender back, as there are long lines

Things to do in Santorini:

  • Take cablecar trip up (4 Euros, runs every 15 minutes) or go up the path to the city by foot (45 minutes) or donkey (4 Euros)  **note: several sites said the donkeys were ill treated; Lindsay said that walking up the hill isn’t a great idea.  Several places suggested taking a donkey up and the cablecar down.
  • According to Cruise Critic, “to see the best of Santorini, you should take a shore excursion, via bus or taxi, further afield.”
  • Wander the city; shop and go to a cafe
  • Also from Cruise Critic: “Worth visiting is Oia (pronounced Eeh-Ah), a pretty village of pastel-tinted and whitewashed houses set into the cliffside. Here you’ll find leafy squares, picturesque restaurants, art galleries and decent craft shops — good for a browse and a pleasant lunch. There are also paths down to two black-sand volcanic beaches.”  Buses run every 30 minutes or hour to Oia, which is 7 miles NW of Fira.  Taxis go there as well, but negotiate a return rate in advance – they’re “reliable if time is at a premium” (Cruise Critic).
  • Drink a glass of local white wine
  • Kamari beach – you’d need a bus or taxi to see this
  • take a bus to black or red sand beaches

Santorini Resources:


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