Day One – Flying to Venice

July 22, 2010

To do list:

  • Unplug things that won’t be used (computers)
  • Do Louie’s chores – brush, clip nails, fill feeder, wash downstairs litterbox, scoop litter

11:00 – Emy arrives to house sit for our vacation; Mom and Dad take us to the airport

11:35 – arrive at airport, check in and go through security, board plane (Flight BA5464)

1:25 – plane departs, in flight for 54 minutes

2:19 – arrive in Chicago, terminal 3, nearly 6 hours until next flight

5:00 – get a Cinnibon

8:10 – plane (flight BA0296) departs from terminal 5, in flight for 7 hours 35 minutes


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