Day Negative One – The Day Before We Leave

July 21, 2010

1:25 pm – Check in online at the British Airways website

To Do List:

  • Discuss what seats we’d like (aisle, window, etc.) Slight preference to window, as long as we’re together
  • Finish packing and have everything set to go by the door (should be 2 rectangle suitcases and 2 backpacks)
  • Write and set out house and pet care instructions
  • Clean and make the house presentable for Emy
  • Do Louie’s chores – brush, clip nails, fill feeder, wash downstairs litterbox, scoop litter
  • Unplug anything that won’t be used (computers)
  • Print boarding passes and all itineraries
  • Call credit card companies to let them know of overseas travel
  • Call Sprint and let them know of overseas travel our phones won’t work on land, but will work on the ship
  • Return all library books except travel books… and two others that I just checked out.  Whoops.
  • Rent a Playaway
  • Put money in checking account
  • Pay all bills due during July
  • Print walking map – bus to hotel in Venice
  • Make and print emergency phone number list
  • Make and print currency conversion chart
  • Make copies of credit cards, passports, cruise and plane tickets, phone numbers, itinerary, etc. and leave with Mom and Dad
  • Change sheets on beds

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