The Word of the Month is Travel

For my Happiness Project this month, I’ll be focusing on travel.  In all of my 26 years, I’ve never been out of the country.  Not even to Canada or Mexico.

In 19 days, I’ll never be able to say that again.  We’ll be flying to Italy where we’ll start off on our honeymoon and the vacation of a lifetime – a Mediterranean cruise!

We’ve got it all take care of – flights booked, hotels rooms reserved, cruise booked, even some excursions planned.  My next mission?  Bags packed.  We’re going carry-on only for this trip, and while it’ll be tough, I think we’ll have a better go of it in the long run.  I’m going to do a “trial pack” this week.  Yes, I realize I’m a loser.  But hey, this is a once-in-a lifetime trip, so I’m going to suck the marrow out of it.

We’ll pack two carry-ons and two backpacks, which should give us enough room if we don’t go overboard.  I’ve been searching the internet for tips and tricks, and found a few that’ll help us out.  I’m definitely going to go with the “black” theme – that way there’s no need to pack black and brown shoes, black and brown belt, etc.  I’ll bring along more accessories than I’d typically bring – I can change an outfit’s look while taking up minimal suitcase space.  I’ll be able to do a bit of laundry in the sink if needed, and I’m not opposed to wearing pants multiple times without watching.  I’m still wondering about the formal events.  Any suggestions on a formal outfit that can squeeze into a carry-on without wrinkling?

Now… for the practice pack!


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