The Time Traveler’s Wife (Book Review)

Title: The Time Traveler’s Wife

Author: Audrey Niffenegger

Genre: Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction (very loosely)

Year Published: Harcourt, 2004

Recommended by: sister-in-law

Review: The New Yorker. Young lovers often believe themselves crossed by fate or by time, but those in Niffenegger’s spirited first novel have more reason than most. Henry suffers from Chrono-Impairment—a quasi-medical condition that catapults him, unwillingly, from one random point in time to another. Clare first meets him in 1977, when she is six and he materializes near her parents’ garden as a thirty-six-year-old from 2000; he returns regularly throughout her childhood from different times in their shared future. At last, when Clare is twenty and Henry twenty-eight, they meet in his present, and the relationship begins in earnest. But romance proves even trickier than usual when one person keeps vanishing to distant, and occasionally dangerous, times. Niffenegger plays ingeniously in her temporal hall of mirrors, but fails to make the connection between the lovers as compelling as their odd predicament.

Notes: This book played with my emotions – by the end of it I was a mess.  It was really an excellent read – I enjoyed my time with this book.  I’d recommend it to any woman.  I’m looking forward to watching the movie.

Rating (out of four stars): three stars

Date Finished: 7/2/10


One response to “The Time Traveler’s Wife (Book Review)

  1. Thanks for the review… I’ll read this. :)

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