A Month in Review

After my month of pursuing my passions, I came to an important realization: my passions aren’t exactly what I thought they were.  My initial thought was that I’d focus on blogging, cooking, and camping.  Well – I spent more time in the kitchen than ever before, and I went camping two separate times, so those were both successes.  Blogging?  Bah.  It didn’t go so well.  Part of the reason that I didn’t blog much was legitimate.  I was diagnosed with Lymes disease, so I wasn’t feeling up to anything but laying on the couch for a long while.  I also spent a total of seven days out in the woods where I wouldn’t dream of touching a computer, plus a few nights at my in-law’s house.  Even after all that, though, I never really felt the same buzz from blogging that I get when I’m camping or baking.  I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging is my outlet.  It’s not blogging that I love, necessarily – it’s documenting my progress that I’m addicted to.

As the month went on, I did try to think about what my passions really are.  I may put “reading” on that list… I spend as much time doing that as I do cooking!  Also… can date night be a passion?  I don’t think so – I mean, who doesn’t love spending time with her husband?  But that really is something that I get excited about – exploring new cities, coffee shops, events, etc. with my husband.  So perhaps in reality, here’s my list of passions:

  • Baking and cooking
  • Camping
  • Reading
  • Exploring new places with my husband

I’m a little sad that this month is over.  It was fun to completely give myself up to the things I love.  I suppose that’s the lesson I’ve got to take away from June – there’s no reason not to follow my passions daily.


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