Catastrophic friendship failure.

I wish that I could start this post with, “Oh, I had so much fun with my cooking group, I met so many potential friends…” However, to my embarrassment and semi-regret I completely chickened out.

I was supposed to go to a pot luck cookout at a lady’s house.  I should have gone; I could have gone; I didn’t go.

It’s easy to say that if I wasn’t sick I would have gone (spent 3 work days in bed this week), or if the gathering was at a public place I would have gone (what if the host was an ax murderer?), but to be honest I’m not sure that I would have gone even in ideal  conditions.

To make matters worse, I dropped out of the club (and entirely.  I just panicked.  Catastrophic friendship failure.

I’ll just have to pick up the pieces and move on.


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