Mission Accomplished

With only 13 school days left to go, I took a sick day yesterday.  I’m nursing a nasty sinus infection, with a good dose of nausea on top of it.  While I wish I wouldn’t have needed to take a day off, I think my body is thanking me.

With all of that down time, I managed to be totally unproductive in nearly all areas… however… my Google Reader is now looking stellar.  I am down from a high of 250 blogs in February to… drumroll please…

77 !

I have an addictive personality when it comes to the computer, and I do need to reign myself in every so often.  My previous attempts at organizing my Google Reader were working well, but oh so slowly.  I was in a ruthless mood today, so I went through each and every blog that I hadn’t already assessed and looked at the last ten or so posts.  If I didn’t love it, it was out the door.

Now, the only challenge is keeping it that way…


2 responses to “Mission Accomplished

  1. Oh my word I so need to do this with my Google Reader, haha. Every day 1000+ unread items? Gah…

    PS I am linking to you tomorrow for a Happy 101 award – I never, ever do these kinds of things but I’m making an exception, heh.

  2. Congratulations! I’m working on it further myself!

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