Small Successes

Friendship month is kind of a wash.  I still have almost two weeks left, though, so maybe I’ll have some larger successes in the near future.  For now, however, I’ll have to be content with my (very) minor successes so far:

  • I joined and will (hopefully, if I don’t lose my nerve) attend my first event this weekend.  Nevermind that when I told my mom about it, she was sure I’d be murdered and basically made me regret ever joining.
  • Joined a Zumba class.  This, I think, will be key.  Same time, same place, same people – I have to make a friend out of this eventually, right?
  • Started a friendship log, so I can see what I’m doing (and where I’m lacking).

Small steps will get me somewhere, slowly but surely, I suppose… so long as I keep taking them!


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