I wasn’t specifically trying to make friends, but I think I may have found a way that’ll be easier than many of my other endeavors.  Also, even if I don’t make a friend or two out of it, maybe I’ll get my tushie into better shape!

I’m talking about Zumba here, folks.  With a tagline, “Ditch the workout, join the party,” who could resist?  We’re YMCA members, and I’m trying to take better advantage of the many classes they offer.  I dropped in on a Zumba class today, purely for the exercise, but when I saw dozens of ladies milling about, waiting for class to begin, I felt hope – potential friends!  I struck up a short conversation with one of the girls who looked about my age, and she seemed really nice. It was a short conversation, and aside from my initial comment (Do you come to this class every week?), it wasn’t forced.  I didn’t go over and stand by the girl during the class, or even ask her name.  I don’t want to be stalkerish, or needy, or pushy, so becoming a regular Zumba-er may be the thing for me.  If I continue to go to the same class weekly, maybe I’ll continue bumping into the same people weekly, and eventually develop a friendship.  Perhaps this is how the real world works, and I just need to stop trying so hard.


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