A New Month, A New Happiness Project Theme

The theme of the month is friendship, and I’m in dire need of a little focus in this area.  I am a homebody by nature, and am typically more content spending time around the house with my husband than going to a party.  When I do get together with friends, though, I almost always end up saying, “We should do this more often.”  And then, of course, nothing changes and before I know it it’ll be six weeks since I’ve seen my best friend.

Here are my general ideas for the month.  I’m not sure which I’ll stick with, or what I’ll add, or if I even want to do some of them.  I’d like to pick some concrete actions by the end of the week, but I’d like to mull things over for a bit first.

  • Contact a certain number of friends per week.  (Possibly track this so I know who I haven’t spoken with in a while?)
  • Plan a regular gathering (weekly coffee, monthly drinks, or seasonal party?)
  • Remember birthdays with a card, e-mail, or phone call
  • Start a book club

Any ideas on items to add?


One response to “A New Month, A New Happiness Project Theme

  1. I’m like this, too! I love to socialize, but I don’t readily seek it out myself because I love hanging out at home. Once I’m around people, it’s hard to get away, probably since it’s so rare for me to socialize.

    It sounds like you have a great plan! Keep us up to date on how it works out for you. I may have to try this myself!

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