Organization Links

Here are a few links that I’ve been meaning to share.  All are focused on organization.  I’ve written a tidbit or two from each link, mostly for my own benefit, but they’re all worth checking out.

Get Organized and Gain Thirty More Minutes a Day (List Planit)

Unsubscribe from e-mail and RSS feeds that you frequently skip over.  Stop multitasking.  Don’t procrastinate.

Finish the Projects You’ve Started.  Or Call Them to an End. (The Happiness Project)

Get your projects off of your plate, one way or another.

Start Your Day by Eating a Frog (Simple Mom)

Tackle your most dreaded task first, and the rest of the day will seem easy.

10 Things to Do Before You Go to Bed (Planning with Kids)

Take half an hour at night to get ready for the next day.  The morning will go smoothly and you’ll have more flexibility.

Compounding Time: Creating More Free Time by Investing It Wisely (Pick the Brain)

Learn a tip to save some time.  Then, take the time you save to learn more tips.

Incredibly Obvious Tips to Save You Time (Unclutterer)

Work while at work.  When you’re finished using something, put it away.

Build a Pantry that Works for You (Organizing Your Way)

Make a list of meals that your family enjoys.  Make a second list of ingredients to make those meals.  Buy nonperishable items from this list when they’re on sale.

Resisting the Time Suck (Get Rich Slowly)

Identify non-satisfying activities that you tend to get sucked into.  Try to avoid them in the first place.  If you find yourself involved in one, stop yourself if you spent the last hour as intended, and what you can do now to fix it.

20 Tips for Finding Your Routine with Kids (Simple Mom)

Clean as you go.  Don’t watch much TV.  Have intentional down time.  Get enough sleep, water, and exercise.

Six Things to Do (Steady Mom)

Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a day.  Fill your to do list with six (and only six) tasks that are essential to complete that day.


2 responses to “Organization Links

  1. Thanks so much for including my post!

  2. These are all terrific links! I am thrilled to be among them. Thanks for sharing!!

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