Books on Organization that Are Actually Worth Reading

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of “organization” books that I picked up at the library.  They were all skimmed, shut, and returned to the library within two days.  I was at first upset – they had beautiful pictures and were full of bullet points.  They should have been perfect!  Those are exactly the types of books I love!

Then I realized my problem is just that – I love those types of books.  I don’t NEED those types of books.  I (generally) have my physical space organized, which is what all of these books focused on.  When I don’t have my physical space organized, it’s not because I don’t know how or have the wrong type of containers.  It’s because I let mail pile up, or don’t put my shoes away, or leave my magazines lying out on the kitchen table.

I went back to the library and tried again.  Instead of searching for books on organization in general, I went back and tried time management and productivity.  What a difference!  I checked out a large stack of results from these searches.  While I haven’t looked at all of them yet, I’ve paged through many and I know I’ll find them extremely helpful.  Here are two books that I have had a chance to dive into.  I’d recommend both!

Upgrade Your Life is far and away my favorite book out the bunch.  “Hacks” are time and effort saving tricks to make life a little easier, and this book is full of them.  If you’re not willing to try out the book, you should check out this post – it contains many of the tips in the book.

I’m listening to The Personal Efficiency Program on Playaway right now.  While somewhat redundant, it’s message lines up perfectly with this month’s goal.  The basic theme so far has been, “Do it now.”  No procrastinating, no piles, no excuses.  I need to hear that!


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