April Update

We’re midway through the month, so it’s about time for a check on how well (or poorly) I’ve done on my April Resolutions.

For starters, checking of resolutions I’d kept each day hasn’t worked out.  I was faithful for about a week, but it went downhill from there.

1.   Five item cleanup.

This has worked well so far.  Putting five things away in each room is a quick and simple routine.  I’m trying hard to have a “do it now” approach to things, and frequently I’ll find that there just aren’t five items that are out of place in a room.  That’s a good feeling!

2.  Leave no nagging tasks.

I broke this down into two sections.

Clear out the day’s slot. I keep bills, letters to be sent, reminders, and such in a bill organizer similar to this:

In the past, I’d go a week without looking at the thing, and when I finally remembered, I would move all of the papers into the next week’s slots without giving a second thought.  Again, my “do it now” process has come in handy. In addition handling it’s contents daily instead of weekly, I also put less into the organizer to begin with.

Clear out my e-mail’s inbox daily. My goal is to have less than five e-mails in my inbox at the end of the day.  I use Gmail, and label and archive messages as soon as I take care of them.  I know I can still access anything I need later, but having those e-mails out of the inbox means they’re out of my head, as well.

3.  Keep a weekly to-do list.

It’s been a relief to know that my priority goals will get finished, yet not be a slave to my planner.  I’ve been using my Pocket Docket, but to be honest, any piece of paper would do.  It has ten lines, five of which I fill with must-do tasks.  (They’re noted with a little star, in case you were wondering.)  The other five lines I’m able to fill with other things that I’d like to get done but won’t worry about if they aren’t completed.  I’m going to start trying to get these done early in the week.  I still have three items left to check off today.  It’s more fun to check things off when I have some wiggle room left.  Now it’s down to the wire!


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