Cleaning Playlist

In order to motivate myself during the cleaning that I’ve pledged to do more frequently, I’ve made a cleaning playlist.  It consists of the following songs…

Fireflies” by Owl City

Hey Soul Sister” by Train

…and that’s it.  My “playlist” actually is two songs that I listen to over and over again, but that’s okay with me (for now).

I have a rarely-used iPod, so on Sunday I dug it out of the electronics drawer, charged the batteries, and bought the two songs on iTunes.  Sure, we have other songs I could have added that were already on the computer, but I thought that this would be a fun treat to cheer up my cleaning routine.

It definitely worked, but a day later I did get a teensy bit sick of listening to the same two songs, so I made a new station on Pandora (possibly the best internet site in the world, aside from and Google Reader).  Pandora relies something called the Music Genome Project to create personalized radio stations that play only songs that you’ll like.  I typed in the two songs from my playlist, and it came up with a few songs that had similar characteristics.  I then rated songs (thumbs up or down) from there.  I wouldn’t say the station’s perfect – I still give out plenty of thumbs downs – but the more I listen and rate, the closer the station matches my tastes.

Another one of my trade secrets is the Playaway audiobook.  Playaways look similar to an iPod, but contain an audiobook.  I check them out from the public library and use them while on walks, gardening, or cleaning.  Right now I’m listening to The Life of Pi by Yann Martel.  It makes the time fly!

Life of Pi Playaway


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