April Resolutions

I finished reading The Happiness Project this morning, and I already miss it.  I may just pick it up and read it cover to cover one more time before I need to send it back to the library.

As I wrote earlier, I have outlined my own Happiness Project – a year’s worth of resolutions set and ready to go.  April’s resolution, organization, is off to a great start.  I’m working on organization in general (reading organization/time management books, giving myself reminders, trying harder in general), but I’ve narrowed my official checklist down to three tasks:

1.  Five item cleanup.

Near the end of the day, I go through the house and put five items away in each room.  It’s as simple as that, but it makes a remarkable difference in the way the house looks.

2.  Leave no nagging tasks.

I have a tendency to put things off because “I’m not in the mood.”  Like I magically might be later.  Instead of pushing things off for an undetermined date in the future, I’d like to do things as they come up.  E-mails, phone calls, chores, etc. all fall into this category.

3.  Keep a weekly to-do list.

Remember my daily docket?  It worked great…  when I remembered to look at it.  It was a little time consuming, and typically the time I remembered to look at it was right before bedtime, when all I could think about was sleep.  I’ve made one minor tweak that I think will help me immensely in this area.  Instead of using it as a daily to do list, it’s become a weekly one.  It has space for ten items, five of which are starred.  The starred items are must-do by the end of the week, no excuses.  One starred item is always going to be to do an inside out cleaning of a particular room.  I’ve broken it down to six areas (bedroom, office, bathroom, living room/dining room, kitchen, mudroom/front porch) , so this rule assures that every room gets a good thorough cleaning every month or so (in addition to my regular cleaning schedule, of course).

I do realize that because I’m at the peak of this idea, I’m excited, enthusiastic, motivated, and all the rest.  This is typical of my ideas.  Unfortunately, my ideas also tend to fizzle pretty quickly.  I think the idea of having a happiness project and adding resolutions monthly is one that I’ll be able to keep, but I am a little worried.  Any ideas for keeping motivation high?

One response to “April Resolutions

  1. I need to do this!
    I keep to do lists all the time and I find it really helps keep me on track!

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