Spring Break Mentality

I’m am extremely, extremely lucky to get a spring break.  I truly don’t know how people who don’t get regular vacation time function.  I teach kindergarten and while I love my job, I do need to recharge my batteries every so often, and I appreciate the breaks and vacation days that spring up every so often (not to mention the long summer holiday!).

a vacation from your problems *

I’ll have off Thursday, Friday, Monday, and Tuesday surrounding Easter weekend.  I’ve decided, though, to start  my spring break early – yesterday, in fact.  I’m not taking any personal or sick days, but rather just mentally starting my vacation early.  I have to work just 25 hours this week, and but otherwise I’m free!  I’m going to come to work right on time and leave shortly after the kids do.  I’ll do “vacation-y” types of activities (going out to eat, shopping, spring cleaning, taking walks) before and after work tomorrow, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  This turns my six day vacation into an eleven day vacation.  I’m already loving it!

*If you don’t understand the reference from the photo, I suggest renting What About Bob immediately.


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