My Newest Love: America’s Test Kitchen

Now that I’ve found America’s Test Kitchen, I feel like I can never look at another cookbook again. The recipes I use from their cookbooks consistently turn out at a quality I’d expect to get at a restaurant (which is NOT typical of my cooking).

Like any love, though, it comes with difficulties.  I know, without a doubt, that if I follow an ATK recipe to the word, I’ll have a delicious supper/dessert/snack.  (And now my whiny voice comes out…)  But the recipes take so LONG!  By the time I get home from work, walk or work out, and relax for five minutes, it’s after five.  Then I make dinner, which can take up to two hours between the prepping, mixing, baking, cooling, dishing out… and by the time we finish eating, it’s 8:00 and a pile of dishes are waiting.  It’s exhausting!  It makes me question whether it’s worth it.  Part of it is because I’m a beginner in the kitchen, so I know the more experience I get, the easier it’ll all be.

For now, we’ve decided to save the labor-intensive dinners for the weekends and during the week, eating leftovers and simpler recipes.

How do you juggle quality versus ease?


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