When the cat’s away…

My husband is out of town for two nights.  He left this morning, and I miss him already.  While he’s gone, though, I’d like to make the most of my alone time!  Here’s my list.

  • Write at least three blog posts. I’m not always on top of this when H is home.  That’s good, because it follows my “act instead of plan” goal.  I do really enjoy working on this blog, though, so I’m really excited to have some alone time to do it.  (check!)
  • Weed the garden. I’m not sure how it is possible that there are weeds when the grass is barely green… but unfortunately that’s the case.  (check!)
  • Spray down old wasps nests. Does anyone know if it’s safe to just spray down old wasps nest with a hose?  They’ve been frozen all winter.  This is a job that neither H and I want to do, so I figured I’d surprise him.  (check!)
  • Make a pennant banner. I’ve been wanting to make one for a few months, and I figure now’s as good a time as any.  I found a no-sew tutorial that looks easy enough, or a relatively easy tutorial that uses the sewing machine.  (not happening…)
  • Take a walk. It’s too nice outside not to.  (double check!)
  • Make the grocery plan for the week. (check!)
  • Plan grocery trip. Let’s see if I can actually plan a successful trip using double coupon day, and armload of coupons, and a grocery store flyer.  (check!)
  • Clean. While I’m not really looking forward to it, good spring cleaning is needed.  This is one of the last items on my list, though, so we’ll see if it actually gets done!  (half check! it’s not a spring cleaning, but it’s a good tidying up)
  • Watch a lot of murder mystery television shows. H isn’t really a fan, but I always love a one hour open and shut case.  I already know this is a bad idea, because I always get scared when I watch CSI or any of those criminal shows… but I know I’ll do it anyway!  (check!  but I wish I didn’t, especially when I’m alone in the house.)
  • Eat cereal for dinner. Another thing that I love but don’t do much when H is home.  (check!)

**Update… And, because I’m crazy and love to add things to my list just for the sake of checking them off, here are some other things to add to my list…

  • Go grocery shopping. And save a bundle of money to boot.  (check!  but too bad I realized 3 hours later that I left the milk on the fridge.  Still drinkable?)
  • Update groceryhop.com. This is my new way to track groceries.  I’ll post on it when I figure out how much I like it! (check!)
  • Close an old bank account. (check!)
  • Pick up shoes for Anne’s wedding. (check!)
  • Put snow clothes in storage. (check!)
  • Take out the garbage. (check!)

One response to “When the cat’s away…

  1. Sounds like a wonderful plan to me! Have fun with your list!

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