The Wooden Spoon

Introducing a new, non-cliche, non-boring (I hope) name for the blog!  I’d like you to meet…

The Wooden Spoon

It’ll be the exact same blog with an altered title.  While I really feel like I am “living the dream,” it just sounds a little cheesy, obviously overdone, and possibly a bit snobby.  The Wooden Spoon just says “home” to me.

My husband was actually the brains behind this operation.  I wanted a new title and he suggested one after another.  I toyed with several of them.  Here were the finalists:

War on Peas (my personal favorite, but not exactly a description of this blog…)
Great Expectations
Honeymoons and Hairballs
The Chocolate Chip Cook-y
The Life of Pie
Batter Up
Daylight Savings: Making the Most of My Time
**The Wooden Spoon**

I am so, so, so lucky to have a husband who supports and encourages me.  I am typically embarrassed of what I write, so it’s difficult for me to show him my blog in the first place.  Luckily, he makes it easy.  Now I just have to keep encouraging him to start a blog of his own.  He’s a creative writer, so he’d never have a lack of writing material!


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