I’m adding a blogroll!  Here are some of the blogs in my “Keepers” folder in Google Reader.

The Happiness Project This is my all time favorite blog – it’s amazingly inspiring.  Gretchen Rubin, author of the book by the same name, set out on a quest to be a happier person by following research, studies, and theories on the topic.

OMG I’m a Mom! I’m not a mom… nor do I have any plans in the very near future to be one… but I can’t get enough of this blog!  I love it because it’s a completely honest, upfront look at being a new mother, and really, just being human.

Smitten Kitchen Her recipes are always good, and her anecdotes along the way are so helpful.

Christopher Kimball Blog America’s Test Kitchen in a blog.  Enough said.

Home Ec 101 The categories in this blog say it all: Clean it, Cook it, Fix it, Wash it.  Full of helpful tips, tricks, and recipes, I’m constantly filing away ideas from this blog.

My Kitchen Cafe Easy delicious recipes, and lists galore.  What’s not to love?

$5 Dinners I use this blog mainly for coupon links.  Helpful, inspiring, somewhat overwhelming!


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