Organizing Google Reader

I’m a blog addict, truly and honestly.   I’d say I hit my low point when I realized that I was subscribed to about 25o on my Google Reader.  That’s two HUNDRED and fifty.  I’m not a “mark all as read” type of a gal either, so though I didn’t read each post word for word, I spent hours skimming though posts, marking favorites, tagging this and that, and never looking back.  It was certainly not a productive use of time – I spent more time planning than doing.

I’m in a self-imposed “blog rehab.”  I cut cold turkey for a little while, and let my blogs build up (it didn’t take too long!).  After trying a few systems, I’ve found one that works.  I’ve created a new folder called “Keepers.”  When a blog reaches ten unread items, I go through and star/tag/like any items that are interesting enough to want to save or refer to later.  Any blog that has even one positive reference goes into the Keepers folder.  If I scan all ten posts and none peak my interest, it’s unsubscribed.  I’m pretty stringent about this (and considering my history, you can see why!).

The eventual goal is to go through all of the blogs I’ve subscribed to and keep those that I’m truly interested in.  I’m now at 160 blogs…. still over the limit, but I’ve cut out over one third already!


2 responses to “Organizing Google Reader

  1. What a wonderful idea! I also find myself having problems with way too many blog subscriptions! I can’t help myself! I’ve been flipping through them one by one and eventually I’ll delete some if it seems they are not worth my time, but I have no definitive plan to keep track of what I do and do not like! I may try your plan! Thanks!

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