Fabulous February

I’m starting the 30 Day Self Challenge today.  In my old files, I found a supplement to SELF magazine that focuses on fitness, nutrition, and happiness.  I’ll try to keep blogging about the daily journey, but here’s an overview.

Day 1 – Do your stretches.

Day 2 – Have a mission.  Companies have one – why can’t you?

Day 3 – Take your vitamins.

Day 4 – Try these buff-body moves.

Day 5 – Fine-tune your finances.

Day 6 – Learn some healthy hair habits.

Day 7 – Have an egg today – it’s good for you!

Day 8 – Visualize success.

Day 9 – Find your personal style.

Day 10 – Yoga your problems away.

Day 11 – Eat your breakfast.

Day 12 – Be happy.  It’s catching!

Day 13 – Protect your knees.

Day 14 – Take time for your SELF today.

Day 15 – Get your sleep.

Day 16 – Make a healthy meal.

Day 17 – Join a team.  Exercise can be fun!

Day 18 – Give yourself a creative boost.

Day 19 – Get your calcium!

Day 20 – Give your skin a treat.

Day 21 – Plan a vacation.

Day 22 – Take a mini-vacation with a cup of tea.

Day 23 – Step this way for leaner legs.

Day 24 – Heal yourself with food.

Day 25 – Organize your clutter.

Day 26 – Get the butt of your dreams!

Day 27 – Live life and burn calories.

Day 28 – Do this at-home facial to brighten you up.

Day 29 – Accept yourself and others will too.

Day 30 – You did it!  Create a calendar for next month.


2 responses to “Fabulous February

  1. Hello! I’ve been looking for this supplement from SELF. Do you happen to know what issue it’s from? I thought it was wonderful, but couldn’t take it from the doctor’s office where I saw it! :)
    Thank you,

    • I have no idea! I tossed the magazine after I was done using it. I know the version I had was from at least three years ago, maybe longer… Good luck looking for it, though! It was a good one.

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